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Air Lift

Airlifts: A History

A signature activity of Operation USA from its founding in 1979, the organization has often been the first on the ground with life-saving material donations from pharmaceutical, medical supply, nutrition and shelter supply companies to people in need.

Airlift History

Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia (1979)
Vietnam, Somalia (1980)
Honduras (1981)
Poland, Lebanon (1982)
Nicaragua (1983)
Ethiopia, Sudan (1984)
Mexico (1985)
Jamaica (1986)
The Philippines (1987)
Armenia (1988)
Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bangladesh (1992)
Rwanda (1994)
Cuba (1998)
Albania and Kosovo, Turkey (1999)
El Salvador (1984)
India, Sri Lanka (2001)
Afghanistan, West Bank (2002)
Iraq (2003)
Iran (2004)
Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Morocco (2005)
Morocco, Lebanon (2006)

  • Location: Multiple
  • Status: Current Project
  • Partner: Multiple

Give and it gets there.


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