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In Kind/Product Donations

One of the most compelling images of a relief operation is an air drop into a remote region of a poor country, or an area ravaged by natural or man-made disaster. That sturdy iconic crate carries far more than urgently needed supplies. It brings hope for the recipients—made possible by the generous corporations providing materials and support to make the delivery possible.

Operation USA’s logo of a DC-3 airplane plays to that symbolism, but behind the symbol is the day-to-day running of a materials-based relief program and the importance of what goes inside the box. Our material aid program is dependent on listening to the needs of the communities we work with; reliable partners at home and abroad; and sending aid in the most expeditious and economical way. Over the past 30 years, we have matched materials with real-time needs around the world—delivering $350 million in relief and development aid to 99 countries.

Operation USA maintains a 24,000 sq. ft California Board of Pharmacy-licensed warehouse at the Port of Los Angeles where donated items are received, staged and stored. Our shipments typically include a range of donated materials, such as medical supplies and equipment, medicines and vitamins, education and shelter materials.

For more information about becoming an in-kind product donor, please contact:

Richard Walden
President and CEO