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HAITI: EARTHQUAKE RECOVERY PROJECT—St. Damien’s Pediatric Hospital/St. Luke’s Schools

St. Damien is the only free pediatric hospital in Haiti. Run by Father Rick Frechette, an American doctor and community organizer who’d been working in the slums of Port-au-Prince for over two decades, he and his small team have also built an orphanage, medical clinics, alongside St. Luke’s, a network of neighborhood schools.

OpUSA has partnered with LA-based Artists for Peace & Justice to support Father Rick’s lifesaving work. Initial response includes the purchase of $140,000 worth of food and cooking utensils.

Future projects will include help to rebuild neighborhood schools of varying sizes depending on population resettlement.

  • Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • Status: Current Project
  • Partner: St. Damien's Pediatric Hospital/St. Luke's Schools

Give and it gets there.


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