HAITI EARTHQUAKE RESPONSE: Corporate Support/Material Aid

The outpouring of corporate support for Operation USA’s relief efforts in Haiti has been tremendous. We offer enormous thanks for the generosity of all of our corporate material aid donors.

Air shipments of essential medical supplies and personnel have been made possible by:

Ball Corporation
Honeywell Hometown Solutions
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc.
United Airlines

Medical, shelter and emergency supplies have been donated by:

Adoodle, Inc.
Adhezion Biomedical
Afflication Clothing
American Regent
American Apparel
Apotex Corp.
Berry Plastics
Boy Scouts, Long Beach
CAMSS Shelters
Carolina Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Cascade Designs
Cedars-Sinai Health System
Dava Pharmaceuticals
David L. Jones, DDS
Dennis Fire
Eco-Sounds Medical
Enertopia Corporation
Eloquest Health
Eton/Ears to the World
Global Services & Trade Inc.
Gregory Mountain Products
Hilti North America
Kaiser Permanente
Kloiber Family Foundation
Kombo Kart
Kubota Engines
Laughlin Cartrell
Mayday Industries
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc.
Natural Soap Formulas
Noonshin Malakzad Blanque
Pelican Products, Inc.
PL Developments
Precision Orthopedics
Safe Industries
SeQual Technologies Inc.
Solar Integrated Tech
Solstice Neurosciences
Sterling Medical
Stewert Medical
Surgem, LLC
Vitamin Angels
West-Ward Pharmaceuticals
Works Gloves