HAITI NEWS: L’Athletique D’Haiti Girls Team Wins at Homeless World Cup

Operation USA is proud to share this good news from our friends and long-time partner in Port-au-Prince, L’Athletique D’Haiti.

From Boby Duval, LADH:

“A group of young women organized by L’Athletique D’Haiti beat overwhelming odds to win the Women’s Plate in Paris.  First, the team almost did not make it to the tournament for which they had been training for for a year.  They were delayed by four days in their arrival to the 2011 Homeless World Cup in Paris because their airline, Air Caribe, prevented the entire team from leaving on their scheduled flight, claiming that four of the girls did not look like their passport photos.  Then, Air Caribe refused to rebook the team for four days, by which time the tournament and opening ceremonies had already started.

The girls stepped off the plane on Monday and immediately played their first match against Uragay.  After beating Uraguay in their first match, the goalkeeper broke her arm and had to be replaced by one of her team mates.  All this was disheartening, but through it all, the girls maintained an indominable spirit and tremendous optimism.  In the end, the Haiti team beat France 10:2 to win the Homeless World Plate, one of the top prizes. 

Tonight the entire team is back safely in Haiti and it was a very moving experience for me to greet them at the airport in Port au Prince. I am so proud of Haiti and her strong young women, who, despite being homeless and at risk, travelled all the way to Paris to proudly represent Haiti. They were winners the minute they were finally able to board the flight to Paris, but winning the Homeless Cup Silver Plate against tough competition such as France was a humbling joyful experience for all of us.”

Please visit the links below for more information and entire video of the winning match:



Congratulations to these brave young women!
Team Haiti 2011 Homeless World Cup Women’s Squad

Wideline Conin
Santia Roselene Hypolite
Marjorie Pierre
Amanda Pierre-Louis
Jemina Pierre
Nuela Antenor
Modelene Etienne
Jesula Leone