SRI LANKA: Tsunami Disaster Response–Kallady Village Project

Operation USA’s largest Tsunami relief project has been in the fishing village of Kallady, in the Trincomalee District on the East coast of Sri Lanka. The village was devastated by the Tsunami–leaving homes and livelihoods destroyed, and any semblance of basic infrastructure in tatters.

In 2005, Operation USA committed to partnering with local NGOs to rebuild Kallady. This project has provided 136 homes, a health center, community center, primary school and preschool, as well as livelihood materials, including 60 boats and fishing nets, to allow for self-sustaining income generation for the village.

In July 2007, Kallady village sustained additional damage as a result of the renewal of civil conflict, displacing local residents until early 2008. They returned to damaged homes and wells, missing fishing boats, and increased army presence. Early in 2009, in partnership with Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies, Operation USA began work on a large-scale water and sanitation project in the village, including the reconstruction of 53 latrines.