NEWS RELEASE: Blake Edwards Art Exhibit to Benefit Operation USA


June 8-26 Exhibit Proceeds to Benefit Operation USA’s Haitian Quake Relief Fund

Academy Award winning filmmaker Blake Edwards’ artwork will be exhibited at Leslie Sacks Fine Art in Brentwood from June 8 through June 26. This exhibition, entitled Lenses, will feature a selection of the artist’s paintings, drawings and sculpture. A portion of the proceeds from the show will benefit Operation USA’s Haitian Quake Relief Fund stated gallery founder Sacks and artist’s representative Amelia Edwards.

A special Invitational VIP Preview and Reception will be held at Leslie Sacks Fine Art on Saturday, June 5. Edwards and wife, Julie Andrews, are scheduled to be on hand to welcome the invited guests.

“It’s no surprise” said Leslie Sacks, “that Edwards has ‘the eye,’ but those not familiar with his artwork will be amazed by his remarkable facility as a painter and sculptor. This being said,” continued Sacks, “art is about more than mere facility. Blake Edwards is fascinated by every aspect of visual experience and this fascination is at the heart of his work, which is concerned with different ways of seeing and representing visual reality.”

“Much of Edward’s art work is abstract and geometric, and looks as though he’s rendering reality through complex lenses while revealing the geometry and functions of the lenses themselves. This observation is not to imply that Edwards consciously intends this optical metaphor, but real art reveals the artist and Blake Edwards, always being very much himself, consistently expresses that which he is and that which he loves, and he’s certainly had a long and passionate love affair with the lens,” concluded Sacks.

Edwards, internationally recognized for his creative and distinctive work, is a consummate filmmaker whose masterpieces run the gamut of emotions; Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Pink Panther, 10, Days of Wine and Roses, Victor Victoria, and his hysterical critique of Hollywood, S.O.B. are among his amazing 47 feature film body of work. 

“Blake Edwards shares his passion for art with his wife and muse, Julie Andrews” stated Operation USA founder Richard Walden. “These two artists are as passionate about humanistic concerns as they are about art. They have long been involved with Operation USA, which began flying emergency relief missions in 1979 to disaster stricken areas around the world and in the United States. This exhibition will benefit Operation USA’s ongoing effort to bring relief to the quake stricken people of Haiti.”

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