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Operation USA: Active Projects & Programs Update

By • Apr 14th, 2014

Operation USA has many active projects around the world (and here in the United States) in need of support from donors like you. Read on to learn more about what we’re up to and how you can help. Click HERE to make a donation now.

United States: Pine Ridge Reservation
Operation USA has recently started supporting health and education programs on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. In partnership with the Suanne Big Crow Boys and Girls Club, where children have access to a number of extracurricular activities and can learn and play in a safe environment, and the Oglala Sioux Tribe Health Administration, which offers a variety of invaluable health programs for tribal members, Operation USA will provide both monetary and in-kind assistance to projects that provide much-needed services to those living on the reservation.

United States: Awesome Girls
The Awesome Girls Mentoring Program has successfully mentored at risk girls throughout the greater New Orleans area since 1977. Offered year-round, the programming not only appeals to girls’ interests, but also enables their families and volunteers to help foster the healthy growth and development of happy, self-sufficient young women. Operation USA has been an enthusiastic supporter of the program since Hurricane Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans in 2005. Nutritional programs, self esteem and confidence building classes, scholastic tutoring and physical activities are just a few of the many services the program makes available to the girls and their families.

Financial help from organizations like Operation USA and supporters like you is essential, and would help to continue to make possible this important community resource.

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United States: California Clinics Supply Program
Since 1983, Operation USA’s Community Clinics Supply Program has worked with over 100 nonprofit community clinics and health centers throughout the state of California–providing donated medical supplies, equipment and medicines to our partners. These nonprofit health centers provide comprehensive primary and preventative care to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. Many of their clients are medically indigent, working poor, minorities, high-risk and vulnerable.

Through this program, distributed inventory helps to enable our nonprofit clinic partners to increase their capacity for delivery of care, and helps them to redirect scarce funds from supplies to personnel, operations, and programs.

Nicaragua: Clinic Reconstruction (early planning stages)
In response to the devastating disaster caused by Hurricane Mitch (1999) in Nicaragua, Operation USA developed a number of relief and rehabilitation projects. One of the largest projects Operation USA undertook was the rehabilitation of a clinic building in the village of Santa Rosa, located close to Nicaragua’s border with Honduras. Due to a series of floods and continued seismic activity as well as unavoidable wear and tear, the clinic is currently not operating. Operation USA is planning to rebuild and equip a new village clinic and is currently seeking funds and/or partners to make this project possible. Once built and staffed, the clinic will serve up to 2,000 residents of three villages.

Click here to learn more about partnership/sponsorship opportunities and in-kind donations now.

The Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan Recovery
On November 8th, 2013 Haiyan, the strongest typhoon to make landfall in recorded history, slammed into the Eastern Visayas and Eastern Samar regions of the Philippines, carving a path of death and destruction in its wake. The small coastal municipality of Guiuan was where the monster storm first made landfall. Much like Tacloban, its more urbanized neighbor to the North, Guiuan was leveled by Haiyan’s strong winds and equally destructive storm surge. Virtually every person, every family, every house and every building in the area was impacted.

Operation USA has focused our relief efforts in Guiuan in hopes of helping this wonderful community get back on its feet. To date, we have sent sea shipments of much needed relief and recovery supplies. Now, as the emergency phase is waning, OpUSA is embarking on a multi-phased rebuilding project that will include a public school and a playground. OpUSA is currently seeking funding for playground equipment, computers, sports equipment and other school supplies for the estimated 100 children who will attend the school.

Haiti: Education and Feeding Programs
The massive earthquake that struck in 2010 brought unprecedented devastation to Haiti. Immediately following the earthquake, Operation USA aided relief efforts across the country with air and sea supply shipments and carefully targeted grants to partner agencies. Four years on, Operation USA remains committed to the people of Haiti. Focusing on the city of Jacmel, where, in partnership with Honeywell Hometown Solutions, we constructed a nine-building public school complex. Our work in Haiti is centered on education and child nutrition, which research has directly linked to enhanced literacy and capacity for learning.

Operation USA continues to support a feeding program at the newly constructed school which makes available a hot lunch to all students daily. This hot meal is too often the only one that the children at the school will receive that day. Your support will help us to ensure that this vital resource, and the wonderful children who benefit from it, continue to thrive.

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Cambodia: Micro-Credit Programs and Hospital Supplies Shipments
Operation USA has maintained an active presence in Cambodia since 1979, when it was the first western NGO allowed into the country following the fall of the Khmer Rouge. Over the years, we have supported numerous health, education and livelihood programs throughout the country in partnership with community-based organizations like Mekong Plus, which offers income-generating opportunities and training as well as health education to women and the poorest of the poor. Operation USA also continues to deliver invaluable supplies to health care partner, King Sihanouk Hospital–a state-of-the-art facility in Phnom Penh which provides free medical care to all who cannot afford it.

Worldwide: Shipments
Often, the shipping process is the greatest challenge in providing essential relief to communities in need. When corporate partners provide materials, and their destination is determined, OpUSA warehouse staff must then coordinate the donation of shipping services by air, land and sea. Operation USA is currently seeking shipment sponsors and funds to support “getting it there” quickly and efficiently.

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