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Ibasho “A place where one feels at home.” Operation USA has focused its long-term recovery efforts following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated large portions of Japan on a community project in Ofunato, a coastal city located in Iwate Prefecture. Once a vibrant fishing community, Ofunato was badly impacted by the tsunami. Provisional counts more »

SRI LANKA: Post-Conflict Projects, 2012

In the aftermath of both the 2004 Tsunami and decades of civil war, Operation USA is addressing the humanitarian crisis that continues in Sri Lanka.


Operation USA is currently partnering with local Haitian NGO L’Athletique d’Haiti to construct a cafeteria to meet the increased demand created by recent disasters.

CALIFORNIA: Clinics Supply Program

For over 29 years, Operation USA has provided supplies, equipment and medicines—free of charge—to community clinics and health centers throughout California.

NEW ORLEANS: Post-Katrina Mental Health Program for Children

Through the Children’s Bureau of New Orleans, this program provides specialized programs for children and families in the greater New Orleans area, with an emphasis on mental health, child welfare and advocacy.


In the 10 years since Hurricane Mitch devastated the region, Operation USA has made a long-term commitment to the village of Santa Rosa, Nicaragua.

CHENGDU, CHINA EARTHQUAKE RECOVERY PROJECT: Honeywell Three Villages United Primary School

Operation USA responds to May, 2008 earthquake in Sichuan province, China with the construction of a school, built in conjunction with Honeywell Hometown Solutions.

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Disaster Response–An Overview

Operation USA continues post-hurricane projects in Louisiana and Mississippi–with an emphasis on community health clinics. Although there has been significant progress in much of the region, many residents are still struggling to reconstruct their lives.

Indian Ocean Tsunami: Disaster Response–An Overview

One of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history, Operation USA’s extensive relief work included projects funded in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand and India.

VIETNAM & CAMBODIA: Community Development and Microcredit Program

Dedicated to working with poor in rural areas, Mekong Plus’ programs include livelihood training, microcredit, education and health care.

CAMBODIA: Cyclo Center Project

Cyclo drivers are some of the most vulnerable people in Phnom Penh, often living/sleeping on the streets while supporting their families in the provinces. The Cyclo Center provides a variety of services to these individuals at risk.

CAMBODIA: Counseling Center for Women and Children

A program for culturally ostracized HIV+ women and their children, providing skill training, health care and more.

SRI LANKA: Tsunami Disaster Response–Kallady Village Project

Operation USA’s largest Tsunami relief project has been in the fishing village of Kallady, Sri Lanka. As part of a long-term commitment to the village, ongoing projects continue.

Mid-West Floods: Disaster Response in Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois

In June and July of 2008, back to back rain storms slammed the American Midwest causing some of the worst flooding in over a decade. Operation USA responded with emergency medical, shelter and nutritional supplies.