Founded in 1979, Operation USA helps communities alleviate the effects of disasters, disease, violence and endemic poverty.

In the more than 44 years since Operation USA was founded, we have delivered over $450 million in aid to more than 101 countries. From the construction of schools to the delivery of medical supplies and equipment to long-term disaster recovery, Operation USA has a rich history of successful programs around the world.

Today, many programs developed throughout Operation USA’s history continue to serve communities in need.


In September, a catastrophic earthquake shakes Morocco, and failed dams cause deadly and life-altering floods in Libya. Operation USA aims to provide relief to those impacted.

In August, deadly wildfires devastate Hawaii. Operation USA commits to recovery, making emergency grants and sending supplies. Elsewhere in the U.S., unprecedented hurricanes and tropical storms–Hilary and Idalia–batter communities. Operation USA assesses opportunities to aid those impacted. 

From June through September, Operation USA continues sending major grants to community-based partners aiding earthquake survivors in Turkey and Syria. 

In April, as war continues, Operation USA sends additional emergency grants to community-based partners working in and around Ukraine to help the most vulnerable impacted groups. 

In February, two magnitude 7.8 earthquakes strike Turkey, killing upward of 50,000 people in Turkey and Syria and devastating the countries. Operation USA sends multiple shipments of emergency medical supplies and makes emergency grants to partners on the ground aiding recovery. 

In January, California is inundated with severe winter weather and storms, causing flash floods and triggering mudslides and wreaking havoc across the state. Operation USA commits to aiding recovery, shipping material aid and distributing grants to community-based partners. 


In December, OpUSA delivers toys, gifts and gift cards for more than 300 deserving families to partners at Homeless Health Care Los Angeles as part of its annual holiday drive.

In October, in response to a surge of antisemitism, OpUSA asserts its commitment to rooting out and rejecting hate in humanitarianism. 

In September, OpUSA responds to Hurricanes Ian and Fiona in the southeastern U.S. and the Carribean–providing emergency grants to partners. 

In April, Operation USA delivers funding to partners in Sri Lanka in support of home reconstruction as recovery from the Sri Lankan Civil War continues to challenge families.

From March onward, OpUSA regularly delivers emergency grants and funding to partners working in and around Ukraine aiding refugees and the displaced. OpUSA targets funding to small but agile groups helping families, providing relief via medical support and recovery supplies, aiding evacuations, and providing longer-term relief to the most vulnerable groups, including LGBTQI+. 

On February 24th, Russia invades Ukraine. OpUSA immediately commits to aiding refugees in Poland and other nearby countries.

In February, Operation USA partners with Reckitt, maker of Lysol, and USC’s Institute on Inequalities in Global Health (IIGH) to distribute millions of disinfecting wipes to community members across Southern California, further aiding in COVID-19 recovery. 

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