A Letter from Operation USA’s Staff and Board of Directors

Amidst Chaos, We Resolve to Make a Difference


Dear Friends,


Recently, proposed dramatic changes in policy under our country’s new administration have brought tumult to cities across America. At OpUSA, we are deeply concerned about the impact these policy changes will have on many marginalized groups. These groups, who are already vulnerable, will undoubtedly face the greatest challenges amidst this chaos.


For more than 37 years, Operation USA has served the world’s too often overlooked and under-served populations. Here in the United States and in 100 countries around the globe, we have restored hope through our response to major disasters—strengthening community-based health institutions, repairing education systems and shipping material aid supplies where they are needed most. Your support has made this vital work possible.


Now, in our contentious political climate, it is more important than ever that we be prepared for what’s to come. Your continued support is crucial to this effort.


If federal healthcare funding is drastically reduced, community health clinics will desperately need more money and in-kind support. These clinics are an important safety net for millions of Americans who might not otherwise have access to vital medical care. They also serve as an essential resource for the many immigrants and refugees who have come to this country with the dream of a better future, but who struggle to find their bearings in a new place. If the Federal Government will not aid these worthy organizations, it is up to nongovernmental groups like Operation USA to fill the gaps and ensure that those who are most in need of medical care have access to it. As such, in the years to come we’ll double down on efforts to provide funds, medical supplies and hospital equipment at no charge to clinics and community health programs in need. Your donations will make this possible.


As many states resist new federal policies, and cities across our country declare themselves sanctuaries, there may come a time when the Federal Government in retaliation holds back critical disaster relief support from communities impacted by earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and floods. At Operation USA, we know that preemptively staging caches of supplies for rapid deployment will take on a renewed urgency in the months to come, as private nonprofit organizations again strive to fill gaps and ensure that every community in America has the resiliency to recover and thrive after these disasters. We will recommit to this effort here in Los Angeles, where we maintain a 25,000 square foot warehouse in Port of LA, and will further ready ourselves to aid any community across the US that may need us as we move forward. Your donations now ensure a quick response when that time comes.


While the new administration puts forth policy changes that will likely result in drastic budget cuts for the UN and major international aid organizations, we can anticipate a massive reduction in services—here and overseas—from aid groups we have worked alongside for nearly four decades. While OpUSA is agile, and operates exclusively using private funds from generous donors, we have often relied on partnerships with major organizations whose capacity and reach extends our own to further the effectiveness of our own aid programs. These groups, now more than ever, must be prioritized by the American public and global community so that they may continue to function on a large scale. Your donations will help us bolster these aid efforts and strive to serve more communities, rather than fewer, in the years to come.


There is much work to be done. We believe that everyone has the power to make a difference. We believe that generosity, hope and love know no bounds. We believe that if we work together, goodness and positive change will rise up. We believe that now is the time to take a stand, to make a difference, and to change the world around us. We need your help, and we hope you’ll give early, often and generously as we weather this storm together.


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We thank you for your commitment to these efforts.


Operation USA Staff and Board of Directors


Board Members:
Rick Allen
Dame Julie Andrews
Anne Bloom
Rosario Dawson
Jonathan Estrin
Jeff Franklin
Stanley Frileck, MD
Peter Greenberg Drew Hagen
Sen. Gary Hart
Bob Johnson
Nola Kambanda
Gary Larsen
Michael Mahdesian, Chair
Tom Moore, Jr.
Maria Mohiuddin Verjee
Richard Walden, President
Skip Whitney
Julie Yannatta


Staff Members:
Bruce Brinker
Mary Dolan
Susan Fassig
Sarah Gossage
Laetitia Rwiyegura
Tony Shannon
Sothida Tan
Steeve Texas