A message from CEO Richard Walden: Make an impact with an end-of-year donation

Dear Friends,


None of us is unaffected by the challenges of our current economy. Those of us at Operation USA know we are asking for your support at a difficult time. But, people’s needs here at home and around the world only continue to grow. With charitable giving to meet basic needs down the world over, every dollar raised is more precious than ever.


As the end of the year approaches, I ask you to please give what you can to support our life-saving programs. Operation USA is 100% privately-funded and it is with the important support of people like you that we are able to bring the most essential aid to those in extreme need.


Every donation—large or small–makes an impact.


-Educate a child. You can send a child to school for as little as $150 a year in rural communities in Haiti, Vietnam, Nicaragua and beyond. Just $10 buys a school uniform.


-Feed a child. In many parts of the world, a meal provided at school is the only meal a child may eat each day. $30 feeds one child for a month.


-Survive a disaster. $1000 supplies essential medical and shelter supplies to 250 people for 72 hours after a major natural disaster.


-Provide essential health care. $100 delivers donated medications worth many times that amount to community health clinics throughout the United States.


-Build self-esteem in a girl—and give her a better chance to finish high school, stay healthy and lead a productive life. $200 provides access to an after-school program for at-risk teenage girls in post-Katrina New Orleans. $4,000 builds a library at an impoverished rural girl’s school in Rwanda.


-Build a generation of healthy leaders, through sport. $20 a month provides an at-risk child in Haiti a scholarship to an after-school soccer program that provides both a safe place to play and learn, as well as leadership training and
a hot meal.


With thanks and best wishes for the New Year to come,


Richard M. Walden
President & CEO