Gaza Crisis: Every Person Is Worthy

Last year, we at Operation USA made a commitment to you, our supporters, to speak out in opposition to hateful rhetoric, ideas and biases—especially antisemitism—within humanitarianism at large in the U.S. and globally. Those hateful ideas, while damaging, pale in comparison to the atrocities we are now witnessing in the Middle East. In light of the horrific loss of life and ongoing conflict disproportionately impacting innocent civilians, today Operation USA unequivocally condemns any and all forms of violence against humanity and recommits to doing our part to help alleviate the world’s suffering in the face of both hateful words and acts.

OpUSA is not a political organization. We do not engage in any advocacy work, nor are our programs driven by any specific ideologies. Our efforts center on helping the world’s most marginalized and vulnerable communities however we are able, and, as we’ve promised you before: we are committed to rejecting hatred in any form and working diligently to provide timely and effective support to all people in need regardless of religion, race, nationality, age, ability, gender, sexual orientation or culture.

While we understand the situation in Israel and Palestine is fraught, and we recognize that politics of war are devastatingly complex, we also assert that violence against vulnerable groups, especially children, is never OK. We at Operation USA stand in defense of the belief that every person is worthy of a safe, peaceful life free from conflict. No human being deserves to suffer or die at the hands of others. No child should be written off as collateral damage in a political conflict.

Our hearts are with all those who have been impacted by recent events, especially the families who have suffered unimaginable losses.

We hope you will join us in speaking out against the violence occurring in Israel and Palestine, and in committing to defending every person’s right to life.