Improve Yourself and Your Community in 2014!

By Tonyehn Verkitus

This guest post on volunteerism comes to you from our friends at GiveGab is the social network for volunteers, dedicated to helping volunteers and nonprofit organizations find each other in their local communities.


February 18, 2014 — With the beginning of a new year, we find ourselves questioning our actions of the past and finding ways to improve for the future. Though these goals are often personal, we can find great benefit to our emotional, psychological, and physical well-being by also resolving to improve the lives of others.


To help you make a commitment to yourself and others for 2014, we have come up with some suggestions to get you started:


Choose volunteer opportunities wisely.
What do you want to gain from volunteering? Are you looking to develop new skills? Is one of your personal goals to complete a 5k? Knowing what you’d like in return for your contribution helps to narrow the list of opportunities.


Find something you’re passionate about.
The more you can connect with the cause you support the more likely you are to continue giving.


Invite your friends.
Most everything is more fun when done with others. Not only do you get the benefit of sharing your experience with others, but you may find that they share great ideas and inspirations as well.


Get your children involved.
It is never too early to teach children the value of giving. Start them on a path that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.


Set aside time for volunteering.
We all live extremely busy lives and if we keep putting it off for tomorrow it will never happen. Find a time on a day that is most convenient for you to give back and stick with it.


Remember that everything counts!
Okay, so you may not be able to put aside one hour a week, but you can still improve your community through small acts like shopping locally, not littering and donating to thrift stores. All of these help to make your town a better place to live.


Learn more today and get started at Happy 2014!