The Challenges of Helping Children in Syria

by Richard Walden


March 14, 2014 — The Syrian refugee crisis is this century’s worst refugee and internally displaced crisis–not only for the sheer number of displaced people or the more than 100,000 killed by violence, hunger and untreated disease, but also because of the lack of free access humanitarian aid groups have had to these people.


Recently, public attention to Syria has waned as other global events have come to the forefront. However, the situation has yet to improve and the people of Syria need help now more than ever. There are ways to help a significant number of those harboring in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Even Israel is treating wounded innocents from Syria at hospitals in the Golan Heights area. A combination of public support and strategic humanitarian aid can help alleviate some of the suffering faced by so many Syrians, and more importantly, Syrian children–whose lives have been turned upside down by the crisis.


This infographic, recently released by Unicef, highlights the eye-opening facts about the situation in Syria and how the country’s young population has been affected:



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