California Wildfires Relief and Recovery

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December 2021–In the wake of winter storms, which dumped heavy rains across California, communities in burn areas are experiencing mudslides and other devastating after effects from this season’s fires. OpUSA remains committed to partners serving the hardest-hit communities, and will assess additional opportunities to provide aid as funds allow.


August 24, 2021–This week, we delivered 15,000 Kn95 masks to our partners at Corazón Healdsburg for distribution to families impacted by the devastating 2021 wildfire season here in California. We’re so grateful to have the opportunity to help such a worthy group!
July 27, 2021–OpUSA is so proud to empower community-based partners with the supplies and funding they need to empower their communities! We have worked with Corazon, in Northern California, for several years as devastating fire seasons have ravaged already-vulnerable populations here in our state. As dry weather prevails and another severe fire season looms, we’re so pleased to have helped our northern neighbors once again with a major donation of protective masks and hand sanitizer–distributed by Corazon Healdsburg to community members earlier this month.
For those that live in areas prone to recurring disasters, such as wildfires, preparedness is a key factor in surviving (and thriving!) once the disaster passes. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disproportionately affect vulnerable communities, and spread of the disease may limit access to safe shelter sites for those forced to flee their homes this fire season, protective masks and hand sanitizer will enable more families to stay safe during what is already a challenging and stressful time. Your donations make this vital work possible. 

October 16, 2020–This week, OpUSA sent a shipment of air filters to Corazon Healdsburg for distribution to fire-impacted families. Corazon also provided an update on our earlier shipment of material aid: flashlights and other emergency materials are now being distributed to residents working on emergency preparedness. Visit us on Facebook here to see photos.


September 23, 2020–Today, OpUSA shipped two pallets of flashlights with batteries, generously donated by our friends at Pelican Products, to our partners at Corazon in Northern California to aid in wildfire recovery. Flashlights were reported as a high-demand item for families who have been displaced by recent deadly wildfires, so we’re pleased to be able to provide this shipment to aid in ongoing relief efforts.


This wildfire season is expected to continue through October, and we know that the same areas now experiencing fires are likely to be impacted by mudslides later in the year when rain comes to the burn areas. We also expect the COVID-19 pandemic to continue creating new challenges in all areas impacted by disasters in the months ahead. Your donations enable us to respond in more places with more material aid and funding for those who need it most. Thank you for your investment in our work.


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September 1, 2020–This week, Operation USA delivered 10,000 protective masks to partner Corazon in Northern California to aid in wildfire relief and recovery. The masks will be distributed directly to community members in need as many families have been forced to leave their homes and seek shelter elsewhere. We’re proud to be able to support those impacted by recent fires. Your donations will enable us to further respond. Please donate now at


August 26, 2020–As in previous years, Operation USA remains committed to providing relief aid as much as possible in the wake of recent fires across California throughout the wildfire season–especially as the COVID-19 pandemic layers on new/additional challenges in 2020.

Where possible, OpUSA will deliver in-kind material aid–such as protective masks, bottled water, blankets and hygiene supplies for families who are displaced to shelters and protective gear and cleaning supplies for post-fire recovery–as much as possible in the months ahead. As funds allow, we will also make cash grants to community-based organizations supporting families and youths in impacted communities.

Your donations are critical to fire relief and recovery work at this time. We can’t do it without you.


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