Cyclone Idai Response

May 8, 2019–Operation USA is working diligently with partners to expedite the delivery of in-kind material aid to Beira and the surrounding areas. Last month, we received a major donation of oral rehydration supplies from Hydralyte for delivery to communities impacted by Cyclone Idai. Those supplies are currently staged at our warehouse in Port of LA for air shipment to Mozambique as soon as funding and opportunities allow. We are also working with our friends at USA For Africa to coordinate the delivery of hospital equipment and medical supplies to the Ministry of Health in Mozambique. Your donations at this time are critical to these efforts. Thank you for your support.


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March 24, 2019–In the aftermath of Cyclone Idai, the death toll in southeast Africa has risen to 750, and outbreaks of diseases caused by unhygienic conditions–including malaria, cholera and typhoid–threaten the area. In Mozambique, a reported 90% of Beira was destroyed by the storm, and as of this week the city had just begun to reestablish communications and other basic infrastructure. Elsewhere in the country and neighboring Zimbabwe and Malawi, heavy rain, floods and extreme winds caused widespread devastation. In more rural areas, rescue and recovery efforts are ongoing. Officials say nearly half a million people have been impacted, with hundreds of thousands displaced.


Recovery from this storm will take many years. Operation USA has worked in many areas of Africa during our nearly forty year history, and we remain committed to helping recovery efforts as much as funding and opportunities allow in the wake of Cyclone Idai. Your donations are crucial to the success of our relief efforts.



March 20, 2019–Cyclone Idai, a devastating storm, swept across southeastern Africa late last week–reportedly killing more than 200 people. Hundreds of thousands more were displaced by the cyclone as heavy winds and rain wiped out roads, homes and other structures and left many areas of Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe and surrounding countries without power, telecommunications, or access to food and clean water. Early reports say Beira, a coastal city in Mozambique that nearly half a million people call home, was almost totally destroyed. Some are calling Idai the worst humanitarian crisis in southeastern Africa’s history.


As clean up and recovery begin in impacted communities, Operation USA is monitoring the situation and is prepared to assess damage and deliver aid–in the form of material aid shipments, grants and other long-term recovery support–as opportunities allow. Where/when possible, we will deploy in-kind support from our warehouse in the Port of LA via air or sea shipment to partners on the ground in Africa. As funding allows, we will deliver cash grants to community-based partners in the hardest-hit areas to aid in recovery. Your donations at this time make this meaningful work possible.


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