Hurricane Idalia Response & Recovery

Hurricane Idalia, a historic storm, made landfall in Florida on August 30th, causing widespread damage to an area not typically inundated with hurricane conditions. Parts of Georgia were also impacted.

Operation USA’s response to this disaster is dependent upon the generosity of our supporters. Any donated funds will enable us to deliver emergency grants to community-based partners on the ground, ship supplies, and aid long-term recovery.


August 30, 2023, 11:02a–Hurricane Idalia made landfall in Florida early on August 30th as a Category 3 storm, bringing 125+ mph winds and a historic storm surge to areas of the state now grappling with flooding and widespread power outages. The storm is losing strength as it tracks across Georgia, but continues to batter many communities with severe conditions. Per NBC, the National Weather Service office in Tallahassee said “locations may be uninhabitable for several weeks or months” because of wind damage.

Yet again, experts are pointing to climate change and rising ocean temperatures as factors in Idalia’s development, as the storm rapidly intensified from a Category 1 to a Category 4 overnight, before making landfall as a Category 3 hurricane. Officials from FEMA have stated: “These storms are intensifying so fast that our local emergency management officials have less time to warn and evacuate and get people to safety.”

Operation USA is committed to helping response and recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Idalia as much as opportunities and funding allow. Your support makes this work possible. Please give now.

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