Libya Flooding Response

Thousands of people are dead and tens of thousands more are displaced or injured in the wake of recent deadly flooding in Libya. Many areas of the country–which also grapples with ongoing conflict–were already inundated with heavy rain and flooding caused by Storm Daniel when two dams gave way during the weekend of September 10th, “washing away” entire communities. Rescue and recovery ops, as well as outside aid, are slow moving due to ongoing regional issues and logistical challenges.

In the face of logistical challenges and with limited funding, Operation USA is monitoring the situation in Libya and is prepared to send emergency grants to community-based partners if/when opportunities allow.



The best way to help flood survivors in Libya is with a cash donation, which enables Operation USA to remain agile and quickly deliver emergency aid to partners on the ground.



September 21, 2023–Recent reports from Libya indicate the official death toll following catastrophic flooding has neared 4,000, with 9,000 still missing. Though logistical challenges and limited funding may prevent Operation USA from responding, we will continue to monitor the situation and assess any opportunities to provide aid to the area.

September 14, 2023–The death toll in Libya following devastating floods continues to climb steadily, with officials fearing as many as 20,000 people may be dead, and many more are injured or displaced. As of today, the death toll–still unclear due to catastrophic and chaotic conditions in the country–is being reported as 7,000+. Representatives at the U.N. have stated that this disaster “is yet another lethal reminder of the catastrophic impact that a changing climate can have on our world.”

OpUSA remains committed to helping however we are able. Your donations make this possible.

September 12, 2023–This weekend, two dams in Libya gave way as Storm Daniel inundated the country, causing major, devastating flooding. Early reports estimate thousands of people are dead and tens of thousands are missing in the wake of this disaster. Our hearts go out to all those impacted as we monitor the situation and prepare to provide aid if possible.

This is a developing situation, please check back for further updates.

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