MATERIAL AID SHIPMENTS: Japan, Cambodia and The Philippines receive vital medical and emergency supplies



From antibiotics to vitamin A, water purifications tablets to surgical packs—Operation USA has been delivering material aid in the form of donated medical supplies and equipment, medicines and vitamins, education and shelter materials to people in need from its earliest days forward.


A cornerstone of our work, Operation USA is proud of our ongoing program that brings vital aid to people across the globe. In 2010, we made 178 shipments to over 20 countries.


2011 continues to see a wide variety of needs being met around the world.
Our most recent shipments include:


JAPAN: Earthquake and Tsunami relief shipment sent shelter supplies including hand-crank radios and flashlights, alongside shelter structures.


PHILIPPINES: Millions in injectable antibiotics and hospital supplies were sent to our long-time hospital partner in Manila.


CAMBODIA: Surgical packs, baby incubators and gurneys were just sent to Sihanouk Hospital in Phnom Penh. A long-time partner, Sihanouk opened its doors in 1996 as a training center for medical professionals while providing 24-hour health care to thousands of medically underserved people at no charge.