Midwest U.S. Flood Response

March 27, 2019–We are saddened this week to learn of the latest challenges to emerge on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota–where OpUSA has worked since 2005–as a result of recent flooding. There, due to recent rains and melting snow, creeks have reportedly turned into rushing rivers, flooding the area and stranding many Native Americans in their homes. The damage from the floods is devastating–compounding many existing issues, and adding new hurdles for those already facing day-to-day struggles.


OpUSA remains committed to providing relief and recovery for our friends on the Pine Ridge Reservation and nearby Rosebud Reservation–particularly children, teens and families who have been impacted by recent flooding. At this time, we are calling for donations to help us in delivering much-needed supplemental aid to help area residents replace belongings, repair damage to homes and vehicles, and ensure access to basic daily essentials like clean drinking water, food, medicines and hygiene supplies. Your support is crucial to these efforts.


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March 20, 2019–In recent weeks, devastating flooding has hit the United States’ Farm Belt across Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and surrounding states, causing widespread damage. Frozen ground that some farmers say is “like concrete” and record rain on the heels of a snowy winter has caused rivers and lakes to rise and levees and dams to breach, spilling water across the region, damaging homes and businesses and destroying crops. As flood waters recede, further damage to roads, bridges, rail lines and other transportation throughways is becoming apparent. So far, damages are estimated to cost billions of dollars.


Operation USA is currently monitoring the situation in the Midwest and planning to deliver aid in the form of in-kind supplies and cash grants where opportunities allow. Your donations at this time make this work possible.


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