Operation USA Receives $75,000 Grant From Capital One

We are pleased to announce that Operation USA has received a major grant from Capital One–the financial institution has provided $75,000 in support of recovery efforts in the Philippines in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. The funds will be used for grants and programs supporting safe water, education and public health. Operation USA will center efforts in the typhoon-stricken community of Guiuan, Eastern Samar.



Operation USA has worked in the Philippines since 1986. Amidst famine and endemic poverty, Operation USA provided aid in the form of medical supplies and equipment to hospitals and clinics across the country. In the years following, we continued responding after major disasters including typhoons and floods which periodically beset this nation of more than 7,000 islands. From the Mount Pinotubo volcanic eruption in 1991 to the flooding of Manila in 2009, Operation USA has been responsive to immediate and long-term needs of the Filipino people.



Following Typhoon Haiyan–the largest storm ever to make landfall–in November, Operation USA immediately provided water purification supplies to impacted areas, and then sent air and sea shipments of additional emergency relief materials, including electric generators, medicines and medical supplies. Operation USA CEO and President Richard Walden also visited the country in November to assess needs in the wake of the disaster. Moving forward, we will continue to deliver relief aid and materials where needed in the Philippines. Working with our long standing partners, we will identify opportunities for long-term recovery projects in the hardest-hit areas.



Donations from individual and corporate partners, as well as the support of our partners, make much of our work possible.



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