UN Report: Crisis in East Africa

MARCH 13, 2017– The UN last week released a heartbreaking report on the current crisis in East Africa affecting millions of people across 4 countries.


Unfortunately, much of the current crisis is caused by conflict and socio-political factors that will make the delivery of relief difficult for aid groups attempting to support those most severely impacted by drought and famine.


We are currently monitoring the situation and assessing opportunities to aid partners working in the affected countries. If possible, we will provide assistance through grants or shipments of in-kind materials to refugee camps and NGOs who are able to access the impacted countries and surrounding countries impacted by the flight of refugees.


OpUSA has worked in Africa for many years, most recently supporting relief efforts in West Africa during the 2014 Ebola epidemic.


We hope to be able to deliver aid to Africa once again during this crucial time.



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