Winter Storm Recovery

March 1, 2021–Operation USA continues to assess opportunities to provide additional aid to Texas. Donations in support of our winter storm recovery efforts will allow us to provide grants to community-based organizations in the hardest hit communities and ship material aid where it is needed most. Give now at




February 23, 2021–Thank you to all those who have donated to our Winter Storm Relief & Recovery efforts so far. Today, we’re sending a truckload of bottled water (more than 31,000 bottles!) to partners at the Houston Food Bank to aid in immediate relief for families who have been severely impacted by recent storms. Your support makes this possible. See a video of the shipment here.



In the weeks ahead, we’ll continue to assess damage and opportunities to provide aid to Texas and surrounding states where winter storms have devastated communities. We can’t do this without you. Please donate today at to help us deliver material aid, grants, and most importantly, hope to the people of Texas.




February 17, 2021–Of all the lessons in disaster relief, the importance of preparedness is sadly one that disaster survivors usually learn too late.



As severe winter storms sweep the U.S. this month, we’re hearing stories from Texas to the Carolinas of people who are stuck at home without supplies like food and bottled water, extra blankets and warm clothes, gas-powered heating and cooking devices or batter-powered supplies like radios and phone chargers. Too many people aren’t sure how to prevent pipes from freezing, how to trap warmth inside their homes, or how to avoid hypothermia risks. Meanwhile, as COVID-19 continues to plague communities across our country, and power outages are widespread, those who need the most help are facing reduced or limited access to safe shelter. Now, they have no choice but to wait for the storms to pass and help to come.



We’re wishing everyone who is currently grappling with the impact of these storms a speedy recovery. In many areas where storms have struck, freezing winter weather is so unusual that proper preparedness was unlikely even in the best circumstances. Unfortunately–especially in a pandemic with icy roads and interrupted supply chains–relief and recovery won’t be immediate. We’re sending our best and preparing to help however we are able. Your donations help us do that. Give now at



In addition to supporting people in the hardest hit communities, the best thing you can do to respond today is to reevaluate disaster risks in your own community, and ask yourself: Am I prepared? Actions you take now could improve your chances of survival and make recovery easier later. Review risks, make a plan with family and neighbors, and most importantly, stock up on emergency supplies. You’ll never know when you might need them!



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