BULLETIN: Operation USA Seeks Large Scale Donations in Bulk from Corporate Partners for Distribution in Oklahoma

Los Angeles non-governmental organization identifies top in-kind donation needs for tornado victims


Los Angeles, Calif., May 21, 2013 –Operation USA, a Los Angeles-based international relief agency, today announced that it is seeking corporate partners for funding and bulk donations of in-kind products of which there is a high need in Oklahoma in the wake of this week’s tornadoes.


“Through our partner organizations on the ground, we have identified key product needs in Oklahoma after deadly tornadoes swept the area earlier this week,” said Richard Walden, CEO, Operation USA. “We are currently seeking large scale donations in bulk from corporate partners looking to help those affected by the tragedy. The city of Moore, Oklahoma lost its community hospital, so medical equipment and supplies are of vital importance at this time.”


The organization is seeking the following for distribution:
• Infant care products, including but not limited to: diapers, formula, baby wipes and soap products
• Electric generators, 7 KVA or higher
• Building supplies, including but not limited to: hand tools, electric drilling tools, light fixtures, shovels, hoes and wheelbarrows
• Trucking services from around the US to Oklahoma, or from donors to the Port of LA, where Operation USA’s warehouse is located
• Medical supplies and equipment, including hospital equipment
• Water jugs or other containers (in bulk)
• New and unused (packaged) warm weather clothing (in bulk)


At this time, Operation USA is not accepting in-kind donations from individuals in small quantities. Corporate partners and organizations that can provide funds and/or supplies in bulk are encouraged to contact the organization for rapid delivery to affected areas.


For more information on in-kind donations, please visit www.opusa.org/contribute/in-kindproduct-donations or contact Richard Walden at rwalden@opusa.org. Organizations interested in making a monetary donation can contact Operation USA at 1-800-678-7255. Cash donations can be submitted at www.donate.opusa.org.



Founded in 1979, Operation USA helps communities alleviate the effects of disasters, disease and endemic poverty by providing privately-funded relief, reconstruction and development aid throughout the world. The Los Angeles based non-government organization offers material and financial assistance to community-based organizations that promote sustainable development, leadership and capacity building, income generating activities, education, health services, and advocacy on behalf of vulnerable people. Learn more at www.OpUSA.org.



Mary Dolan

Operation USA